Your safety is our priority.

Hygiene, safety and attention, everything certified.

We are already among the Top-3 hotels for the quality of cleaning on TripAdvisor and and we are improving the cleaning and sanification procedures even more.

We have taken different measures to ensure greater safety for all.


Hand gel and masks are available free of charge in various areas of the hotel (front desk, hall, rooms) for our guests and staff.


We are a boutique hotel with only 8 rooms and suites that occupy the whole building of 5 floors, which guarantees the privacy and extra safety of our guests.


We have increased the frequency of the cleaning in the common areas, with particular attention to the front desk, lift and buttons inside of it, door handles, public toilets and room keys. We only use professional cleaning products, including products which contain over 70% of alcohol to guarantee the correct cleaning and sanification of all spaces. We also have the certification for the control of textile biocontamination, so all the laundry is always perfectly cleaned every singke time.


It is possible to order breakfast in the room without any additional charge for the room service. We have stipulated agreements with the companies of delivery food in order to facilitate the delivery of lunch and dinner in the room. You can enjoy your breakfast, lunch and dinner in your room or on our rooftop terrace (there is space both indoors with heating/air conditioning and space outdoors).


During the check-in process, only one guest (more in case of a family) at the time is allowed to be at the front desk. It is possible to access your room without passing through the front desk area (located on the 3th floor of the hotel), avoiding in that way the hotel most frequented areas.


Q: Do you have carpets in the rooms?
A: No, we do not have carpets in the rooms. We only have wooden floor in all rooms, ceramic floor in the bathrooms and stone floor in common areas.

Q: Do you have bathtubs?
A: No, we only have spacious shower boxes in each room.

Q: Do you put comforters, plaids, colourful pillows on the beds?
A: No, we do not use comforters, plaids, colourful pillows anywhere in the hotel. They look cool but are not so hygienic.

Q: Do you have cleaning quality certificates?
A: We have UNI EN 14065:2016 for linens, towels and other laundry items and ISO 9001:2015 for quality control from our suppliers.

Q: How many rooms are there per floor?
A: We have totally 8 rooms in the hotel, and each floor has from 1 till 4 rooms/suites of different size.

Q: What kind of cleaning products do you use?
A: We use only professional cleaning products and we have added new products (that contain more than 70% of alcohol) that guarantee perfect cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces.

Q: Do you have fixed housekeeping staff? Do you outsource your housekeeping department?
A: We do not outsource our housekeeping staff (like many other hotels do in order to reduce their costs). We have a fixed professional team that has a proper training, and we believe that it is the only way to guarantee the best hygiene and sanification.