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Milan is a financial and economic hub of Italy, but it offers much more than that – fashion, art, shopping, style, glamour, and of course incredible culinary experience

You may think that choosing a really good restaurant in Milan is not so easy, and in fact you are not wrong. With around 6000 dining options available, some guidance will surely help. Here are some basic rules (and of course, each rule has an exception…):

  • most restaurants around Duomo and Galleria are very touristy (which means that they are too expensive for what they offer or/and that the food quality is mediocre)
  • if the restaurant has the photo of the food outside the entrance, don’t go there
  • if outside the restaurant there is a guy who invites you inside, in most cases don’t go there
  • if the restaurant serves a lot of different things (pizza, lobsters, steaks, pasta, fish…), don’t go there. Really good places always specialize just in several things
  • most quality restaurants are open only for lunch and dinner (approximately from 12:30 till 14:30 and from 19:00 till 23:00)
  • in all restaurants in Italy there is a so-called table fee which can range from 1 to 4 eur per person 
  • you don’t have to leave tips if you don’t want to – it is totally fine!
  • in Milan (and other popular cities such as Rome, Venice, Florence…) it is always better to book the table in advance (and we will be happy to do it for you!)
  • if you want to check some unbiased reviews, open TripAdvisor and see which rating Italians put. We are extremely picky about food.
Discover the sweetest side of the city.

Since 1824 this bakery has been the perfect place to taste the unique magic that will melt in your mouth. This amazing “Pâtisserie” is one of the most famous in our city and it has been considered a reference point for the quality of its products, like chocolate and “panettone”, which is a Milan specialty. Both quality and position makes this pasticceria worth visiting it. Indeed, you can find it above the luxury Prada store in the center of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele (in front of our hotel).

Il Foyer
Are you looking for the perfect mix between luxury interior design and beautiful top-quality pastries? You can find it all at the Foyer. The pastries are as beautiful as the gorgeous design of the place, all created with a special Made In Italy touch. Il Foyer is the official restaurant and cafè of Teatro alla Scala, the famous opera house just 200 meters from our hotel.

Cova 1817
Just 500 meters away from our hotel you can find an ancient coffee shop, founded by Antonio Cova in 1817. This historical institution in Milan has always been the place where tradition meets high elegance and style. Since the beginning, kindness and hospitality have been the spirit of the place.

A true gem located in a fascinating building near San Babila. It was founded in 1936 as a bakery, but during the years it adapted the Milanese identity, becoming a coffee shop at first and a restaurant lately. It is a great meeting place characterized by excellent product quality and service, which makes it stand out. It is located just 6 minutes away from our hotel.

Talent, passion and elegance are the keywords in this inspiring pasticceria. Indeed, the founder, Roberto Rinaldini, is known as the “bakery stylist” due to his impressive practice and refined cake design. It is on the left side of the famous La Scala opera house, which is just 200 meters from our hotel.

A modern wine bar and vinotheque just 200 metres far from the hotel, behind Piazza Duomo. This is the right place to enjoy a lunch – their menu offers different options in a contemporary italian style – or an aperitivo with an awesome Duomo view, tasting the best wines from a wide selection of beyond 1500 etiquettes 100% Italian, for any occasion. You can also buy bottles as a souvenir to bring home with you!

Open everyday from 10:00 to 00:00.


Clotilde Brera
The perfect location where to have dinner, or better enjoy a drink on one of the most evocative terraces in Milan, in the heart of Brera district, just 10 minutes walking far from the hotel. Live the moment, let yourself be transported by the creativity and the surprising proposal of the drink list. Among the cocktails offered, the great classics are reinterpreted with creative touches and new original recipes, perfect to make your aperitivospecial or to experiment the pairings with the chef’s dishes.

Open everyday from 12:30 to 15:00 and from 18:30 to 23:00.


Terrazza Aperol
An exclusive terrace, at the doors of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, where to enjoy an Aperitivo with a wonderful view of the Duomo. If you are curious about the famous italian Aperol Spritz, or if you simply wish to taste a drink close by in a lively location (the terrace is just 200 metres far from the hotel) this is the right place for you! The atmosphere with its vibrant colours will “light up your toasts and adds joy to the moment.”

Open from Sunday to Friday from 11:00 to 23:00 – Saturday open from 11:00 to 24:00.


The Stage
Right after Brera, you can find Garibaldi District, the symbol of desing and the face of a modern Milan, with famous design artworks like the Vertical Garden. Walking through Gae Aulenti Square, at the first floor of the Replay multisensory store, we can f ind The Stage’s American Bar. An unique location, with a soft and hushed atmosphere, it looks like a cabin of an elegant vintage boat. With over 900 labels of spirits, it is the right place for those who want to discover cocktails and combinations from another time, in the name of the art and excellence in mixology.

Open from Tuesday to Saturday from 18:00 to 01:00.


The Spirit
A cocktail bar in the heart of Porta Romana district, between Fondazione Prada (8 minutes far by car) and QC Terme Milano, just 5 minutes walking from the bar. At first sight you might not see the door. You need to be curious and adventurous to get in. But it’s worth it!Surrounded by rare bottles from all over the world, you can savor the unusual mixed ingredients of their signature cocktails, have a sip of long aged spirits from exotic lands or just have the barman tailor your perfect serve.

Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 18:00 to 02:00.


MAG Cafè
Is our “not to miss” for anyone who wants to visit the Navigli area. The bohémien atmosphere, which reminds of the early ‘900, will give a different note to your experience: enjoy a breakfast or taste a drink with a romantic view on the Naviglio:amazing staff, good quality ingredients, signature cocktails with uncommon combinations and tailored proposals are what makes this bar exceptional!

Open everyday from 07:30 to 01:30.


Cantine Isola
For wine lovers: since 1896 it is the historic wine bar and vinothequein Milan, located in via Paolo Sarpi. In this place history, tradition, family and hospitality come together, creating a warm atmosphere, where the passion for the customer distinguishes the service. They offer one of the best blends ever, indeed their motto is “Here we can open everything, from Conegliano to Champagne, from Chianti Classico to Amarone”. You only need to ask! Not to miss the occasional events related to special openings.

Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 22:00


…LAST BUT NOT LEAST, we invite you to taste our signature cocktail “Milano Special” and take a look at our wine list in the rooftop terrace of our hotel!

Here is our selection of the best pizzerias in Milan where you can enjoy a really delicious Naples-style pizza. Hint – when travelling in Italy, generally speaking you will find a good pizza in places where only pizza is served. If you see a restaurant serving all kind of food (meat, fish, pizza…), normally we would suggest you to skip it – although there are some nice exceptions.


‘’Da Zero’’

Our best advice for those who want the best pizza in Milan. If you believe that making a good pizza is an art and are looking for something special, then you are in the right place. Since 2014, the founders of the restaurant have been committed to following their passion of telling the story of Cilento (which is  150 km on the South from Naples) through pizza, carefully choosing the products related to its territory, with different “slow food” ideas, creating the perfect combination of “good and healthy”. Reachable from the hotel in 10-15 minutes walking. Reservations are recommended.

Open every day for lunch and dinner. How to get there: (walk 10 min from Piazza Duomo to Sforzesco Castle and then turn left – totally 15 minutes by foot from our hotel).



Their watchword is simplicity: With a menu that favors quality over quantity, in this welcoming restaurant you will feel transported on a journey of flavors that tells you about Naples and its pizza tradition.

Open every day for lunch and dinner. How to get there: 


‘’Piccola Ischia’’

Made for the Neapolitan tradition lovers, it is the perfect place for those who are looking for an “old-fashioned” restaurant with a wide selection of products, to satisfy every need.

Closed on Wednesday (all day) and on Saturday/Sunday lunch. How to get there:



The perfect restaurant for those who want to discover not only the tradition of pizza in Naples but even more: the menu offers a selection of “regional” DOP and IGP ingredients from different areas of the Italian territory. The restaurant is a few steps away from Navigli which is a lovely area worth visiting.

Open every day for lunch and dinner. How to get there:—via-Vigevano



Since 2010, their mission is to create an artisan pizza from mother yeast, using organic flours that give life to alternative doughs, and seasonal ingredients, in the name of conviviality (their pizza is already cut into 8 slices, to stimulate the sense of sharing. The restaurant is located in the historical center, close to Colonne di San Lorenzo). 

Open every day for lunch and dinner. How to get there:



Out top-pick for an excellent typical Milanese cuisine. Valentino is one of the few non-touristy restaurants in the Duomo area (hidden on a small street behind Duomo) that is very popular among the locals. Here you can savor typical Milanese cuisine and regional specialties, in an elegant ambient that is anything but touristy. The restaurant owner Andrea will guide you to suggest the best choices. Very good wine list and great price/quality ratio. In Top-200 restaurants in Milan according to TripAdvisor: 

Closed on Sunday. How to get there: (2 min by foot from our hotel, just turn 2 times left when leaving the hotel).


‘’Nerino Dieci Trattoria’’

In this informal and not expensive fish & seafood trattoria Sandro and Stefano, two passionate restaurateurs, will surprise you with a varied menu, from fish specialties to refined proposals, with fresh ingredients and typical Italian regional raw materials. Reachable in 10 minutes walking from our hotel. For many years in Top-100 restaurants on TripAdvisor, excellent value for money: 

Closed on Sunday. How to get there: (go to Piazza Duomo and then follow Via Torino).


‘’Osteria Conchetta’’

The perfect place for those who want to experience the traditional milanese cuisine, a few steps far from the Navigli: simplicity and quality distinguish the proposals that, depending on the season, make up a genuine menu, which tells a lot about the culinary tradition of Milan. In Top-300 of the best restaurants in Milan according to TripAdvisor: 

Closed on Monday. How to get there: (taxi would be the best option, we will be glad to call it for you).


‘’Osteria Al Coniglio Bianco’’

The retro atmosphere and a beautiful view of the Naviglio create the perfect environment for those who want to experience Milan through its cuisine, which takes care of respecting the connection with tradition, genuine ingredients and natural wines.

Open every day for lunch and dinner. How to get there: (we suggest to walk in order to see more of Milan or you can take a tram from Via Torino which is right after Duomo).


‘’Mamma Rosa’’

This historical trattoria opened in the 1960-s is located near the Porta Nuova district, born from the idea of ​​proposing a cuisine that is both homely but at the same time refined, this restaurant is ideal for those who want to explore Italy and its flavors, offering regional recipes, fish cuisine, meat cuisine and typical Made in Italy products, open for 60 years. In Top-250 restaurants in Milan according to TripAdvisor: 

Open all day every day. How to get there: (we suggest taking a taxi, don’t hesitate to ask us to call it for you).


Other good options – ‘’Salumaio di Montenapoleone’’, ‘’Locanda Carmelina’’, ‘’Il Pescetto’’.


In an exclusive location, on a rooftop just 2 minutes walking far from the hotel, you can savor the specialties of modern gourmet cuisine with a breathtaking view of Piazza Duomo. Enjoy a special 20% discount for our guests. Great choice for an aperitivo or lunch as well.

Open all day every day. How to get there: – just turn left when leaving our hotel and in 100 meters on your right side you can enter La Rinascente – the restaurant is on the 7th floor).



Best seafood place in the city. Not particularly cheap but absolutely worth every € paid. Restaurant, Café and Bistrot: three different concepts united by a single philosophy: “Fine dining is art”. The highest quality of carefully selected raw materials, seasonal ingredients and creativity characterize the proposals on the menu. Ideal for lovers of fish specialties, raw and seafood, with exclusively caught fish. The restaurant and bistro are closer to the Navigli area. Langosteria Café is just a 5-minute walk from the hotel (by the way, don’t get fooled by the name, it is not literally a “cafè”, it just has a little bit fewer options compared to Langosteria Restaurant).

How to get to ‘’Langosteria Cafè’’: ( (5 minutes from our hotel). ‘’Langosteria Café’’ is open for lunch and dinner – Sunday closed | ‘’Langosteria Bistrot’’ is open for lunch and dinner – closed on Mondays | ‘’Langosteria Restaurant’’ is open for dinner – Sunday closed.



If you want a small cozy restaurant with romantic atmosphere in a small and not crowded street behind La Scala, this is an excellent choice. Modern Italian seafood cuisine.

Open everyday for lunch and dinner everyday, except for Sunday evening. Come arrivare: (5 minutes by foot from our hotel).


‘’Paper Moon Giardino’’

An elegant gourmet restaurant right in the heart of the fashion district Montenapoleone. Paper Moon Giardino combines restored interiors with unexpected surprises within, like the secret garden. A refined menu with modern and creative combination will make your experience unique.

Open everyday for lunch and dinner. How to get there: (just 10 minutes walking from the hotel!).


‘’Voice di Aimo e Nadia’’

Just in 5-minute walking distance from our hotel, on the corner of Piazza della Scala, it is the perfect place to experience a meal that combines cooking with art, in a location with a beautiful garden. Inspired by the artistic initiatives of the Gallerie D’Italia, the menu is full of original proposals and unique combinations. The restaurant is managed is the same owners as ‘’Luogo di Aimo e Nadia’’ (which has 2 Michelin stars and is located a little bit outside the historical center).

Closed on Sunday. How to get there: (just go right when leaving our hotel, reach La Scala and then look on the right).


‘’Nero 9’’

This modern restaurant in Brera district, with a particular location where paintings of various artists are periodically exhibited, you can taste traditional Italian meat specialties: among the finest cuts emerge the Tuscan Chianina Igp White Vitellone from the Central Apennines, and different cuts of Fiorentina. In Top-50 ranking of the best restaurants in Milan according to TripAdvisor: 

Open Monday to Thursday for dinner and Friday to Sunday for lunch and dinner. How to get there: (15 min by foot from our hotel).


Three restaurants, three different experiences: the Japanese creative experience of Iyo Experience, the traditional Sushi proposals of Iyo Omakase, or the boundless creativity of Aalto: different ways of experiencing Japanese cuisine and its particularities. Iyo has one Michelin star and is ranked among Top-50 restaurants in Milan on TripAdvisor: 

Iyo Experience is closed on Mondays | Iyo Omakase and Aalto are closed on Sunday – closed on Monday for lunch. How to get there: (taxi would be the best option, we will be glad to call it for you).


A refined restaurant, a menu where Italy meets the East, offering Chinese gourmet

specialties, with international and local inspirations. Their grilled wagyu is strictly A5 quality meat, the most valuable according to the Japan Meat Grading Association. The restaurant is in Too-300 restaurants in Milan according to TripAdvisor  

Closed on Sunday and Monday for lunch. How to get there: (taxi would be the best option, we will be glad to call it for you).



The restaurant offers awesome Japanese cuisine in an elegant and relaxing atmosphere with tones that recall the world of Japan. The restaurant is just a 10-minute walk from the hotel. Excellent price/quality ratio.

Closed on Sunday. How to get there: (8-10 minutes by foot from our hotel).


‘’Mu Dim Sum’’

A restaurant able to blend the best of Chinese cuisine, offering traditional recipes, in an elegant and welcoming place, never predictable. It is located between the districts of Isola and Centrale. In Top-100 restaurants in Milan according to TripAdvisor: 

Open every day for lunch and dinner. How to get there: (taxi would be the best option, we will be glad to call it for you).



Near the beautiful Brera district, an exclusive Japanese restaurant where you can taste typical traditional dishes, including the best cuts of wagyu, in an elegant location. The restaurant is in Top-50 restaurants in Milan according to TripAdvisor: 

Closed on Sunday for dinner. How to get there: (taxi would be the best option, we will be glad to call it for you).

‘’Enrico Bartolini at Mudec’’

The only place in Milan with 3 Michelin stars. The famous restaurant located on the third floor of the MUDEC museum, which brought back to Milan the 3 Michelin stars, belongs to the “record” chef Enrico Bartolini, because no one has collected so many starred restaurants in so many parts of Italy like him. His cuisine is defined as “classical-contemporary” and offers dishes that have become classics, like the beetroot risotto with gorgonzola cheese sauce “Evolution”, always combined with the research for new recipes.

Closed on Mondays and Sundays for dinner. How to get there: (taxi would be the best option, we will be glad to call it for you).



In the heart of Porta Nuova, in a location that reflects the soul of the new neighborhood (where you will see the famous Bosco Verticale, the skyscraper with the trees), the starred restaurant of the famous chef offers creative and modern cuisine, through the use of products from the Italian territory. The restaurant has 1 Michelin star. Chef Andrea Berton and his team will amaze you with an excellent and welcoming service. 

Closed on Sunday and Monday. How to get there: 



Right in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, a few steps from the hotel reachable in 3 minutes, you can find the famous starred restaurant (1 Michelin star). You enter by passing between the tables of the bistro, cafeteria, pizzeria and pastry shop, and then take the lift up to the first floor, where the gourmet restaurant is located. The elegant atmosphere that recalls the style of the Galleria and the creative menu will make your experience magical! Signature dishes like the fish soup crust and yolk marinated with asparagus and black truffle are not to miss.

Café open all day every day | Restaurant closed on Sunday. How to get there:



In the Montenapoleone area, inside the Mandarin Oriental hotel, the restaurant with 2 Michelin stars will give you a unique experience: the menu, curated by the Chef Andrea Guida, is a fusion of flavors from all over Italy, with exotic influences and a wine pairing for every taste, thanks to a cellar that abundantly exceeds 1000 labels, to which cocktails are added. In the summer, taking a seat in the beautiful internal courtyard is highly recommended!

Closed on Sunday and Monday. How to get there: (10-15 minutes by foot from our hotel towards Montenapoleone fashion district).



The warmth of the atmosphere and the brightness during the day, soft and romantic lights in the evening, shape the perfect framework for a surprising cuisine, thanks to the solidity and quality of the raw materials: for the most passionate, their beautiful cellar with vaults in bricks can also be visited! The restaurant has 1 Michelin star and is a little bit less formal compared to the other Michelin-starred restaurants in this list. Between the specialties in the menu, the risotto Milano -Langhe, a Milanese Style risotto with Fassona tartare and hazelnut powder, don’t miss it!

Open every day for lunch and dinner. How to get there: (taxi would be the best option, we will be glad to call it for you).


Other options:

  • Innocenti Evasioni
  • Contraste
  • Sadler
  • Tano Passami l’Olio
  • Aalto
  • Joia (vegan)
  • Felix Lo Basso